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Set up your own driver team and gradually infiltrate. The establishment of a full-time driver team will gradually penetrate into the core user areas of first-tier cities, and gradually increase the proportion of full-time drivers in the overall driver group. 2. Establish an online training mechanism for part-time drivers. Bilibili is the best example of this. The establishment of a training mechanism is particularly important to maintain the atmosphere of the platform.

Only drivers who have been trained and passed the test can be employed. Drivers who have committed a large number of disciplinary violations during the induction process should be warned or asked to be reinstated. Test. Only when drivers realize that it is not easy to get on the job will they abide by the platform norms. Develop user habits The previous points are aimed at the brand strategy and the driver end user, this is the client end user. For users, cultivate user habits. In general, it is to retain new users, maintain existing users, and recall old users. For new users, establish a user habit training mechanism. Rewards for the first order of new users to encourage users to place an order. Establish a sign-in mechanism to allow new users to log in to the app every day, and use certain incentives for new users to sign in every day, such as sms marketing service coupons, points, etc., and encourage users to spread and share. For old users, establish a recall mechanism for old users.

Rewards will be given to returning old users. Establish user portraits, analyze the user's personality, travel mode, hobbies, salary level, and which APPs they usually like, and find out the reasons why users don't use products, whether they use competitors' products, use other travel methods, or other reasons, and add them to them. rectificatio

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