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KNX Programming: 6 steps to start with ETS 5

ETS is the only programming and configuration tool of the KNX system. No matter what brand of KNX device you work with, the following basic steps will help you get started with the application.

ETS software
ETS software is a tool for configuring and programming KNX devices

1. Import KNX Product Database

Download Product Database

Manufacturers will allow you to download the KNX Product Database file from their website. These files are in the format (.knxprod) or (.vd5 or .vd4). Each device you buy will have a corresponding database file on the website.

Download the KNX Database file from the supplier's website

Import file "KNX Product Database" to Catalogue of ETS

Choose Catalog > Import and select "database" that matches the device code you are using. ETS will import the device into its catalog.

Import database in ETS
Import file "database" into catalogue (yellow highlight)

2. Create a new project

Select Overview > Projects > (+). ETS will initiate a new project for you to start working on. Name the "project" - choose the right backbone - choose the type for the "group address" and get ready to go.

Create a new "project" in ETS

3. Building Structure

Create Building Structure for the house

KNX is a solution for smart buildings so KNX asks you to start the "project" with the construction of the building structure you are designing. In KNX you can create realistic building structure with: Building Parts, Floor, Rooms, Corridor, ...

Create Building Structure in ETS

Add KNX devices

Once the building structure is in place, you need to place the KNX control devices in their correct place in the building. For example: Power Supply, Switching Actuator, Dimming Actuator, Shutter Actuator, ... located in the electrical cabinet (cabinet); Push Button located in the respective rooms to control.

Thiết bị KNX trong cấu trúc tòa nhà
Place KNX devices in the right position in building structure

4. Create functions with Group Address

Create group addresses with designed functions

In terms of design, to optimize the use of 3-layer group addresses, you need to classify basic functional groups such as lighting, blinds, air conditioning, and home appliances. Then you organize specific functions into groups.

Địa chỉ nhóm trong ETS
Use group addresses in ETS to synchronize functions

Assign Group Addresses to the respective control devices

Once you've created group addresses with features like design, you need to synchronize each group address with input and output control objects. Always remember, you also need to match the parameters of each device to the feature before assigning a group address.

Group Address Assignment in ETS

5. Download

To download programs from a computer (PC or Laptop) to KNX devices, you need to use a KNX USB Interface or IP Interface device.

GreenControls USB Interface
USB Interface in DIN rail for communication between PC and KNX
Download programs from ETS to KNX devices

6. Test function and close ETS

If you download successfully, there is no guarantee that all features are as designed. Test each function and make sure there are no errors, then close ETS and complete your project.

Good luck!

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